The 18 Leverage Points for successful business

Successful business growth is about leverage. A sole proprietor working by him or herself has less growth potential than someone who leverages by employing others. A professional (say an accountant) who does everything in the office has less leverage ( and less growth) than someone who outsources certain functions (say typing) and works to his strengths.

LEVERAGING is generating income through other people's efforts. There are only 24 hours in a day. Hence, there's only so much you can earn through your own individual efforts.

Smart leveraging allows you to "leverage" your earnings through what other people are doing in a manner that benefits those working on your behalf, as well as your own business.

In our programmes, our clients will get to know a bit more about these 18 leverage points and will learn to use them in a practical way that will assist in their business growth.

Here is a sample of some of those leverage points:-

    • Understanding there are just 4 ways to grow a business;
    • What you can measure you can manage;
    • Understanding the true purpose of any advertisement;
    • Build Unique Core Differentiators (UCDs);
    • Learning to REALLY listen;
    • Cutting the price is an easy option, there's usually a better way


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